Le meraviglie Review: A Bittersweet Tale

Le meraviglie or The Wonders is an Italian film written and directed by Italian filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher. It is her second film right after Corpo celeste (Heavenly Body).

What makes Le meraviglie a great film? First, it is a visually inviting and rich film that revolves around dream and reality. It is a also well-acted family drama. But what’s best is that it was awarded with the Grad Prix at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival– a true prizewinner.

Rohrwacher’s Le meraviglie is a bittersweet tale of a young child headed towards adulthood and the dying ways of rural tradition.

First-time actress Maria Alexandra Lungu who played the role of Gelsomina (child central character in the movie) did an excellent portrayal of a young woman who was ready to take all the risk for her family’s sake. Gelso might be young but she was aware that her family’s status was not stable and she wanted to help. Their family’s bee-raising production must keep up with the modern times to keep their business running and she saw an opportunity to make money by joining a local show called Countryside Wonders, which was about the Most Traditional Families in the region. In the show, seven farmers will compete against each other for the chance to have their products highlighted on the show.

The director opted to shoot the film using Super 16-film stock that gave the movie additional artistry making it a total must-see.

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