Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital) Review: A Struggle Against Inequality

A chic suspenseful story, Il Capitale Umano or Human Capital, has been considered for an Oscar and European Film Award nomination. Its director, Paolo Virzi (famous also for his award-winning film, the First Beautiful Thing), won as the Best Director at the 69th Silver Ribbon Awards making him as one of the dynamic and versatile directors in Italy.

The movie depicts Italian society with a mixture of a heavy drama and a complex storyline that involves families clashing against each other for money. Its inspiration is the American novel Human Capital of Stephen Amidon. The story progresses between the elegant capitalists and the struggling middle-classers.

The movie is a blend of a thriller and social class critique as it showed how a victim is measured in terms of net worth after the accident.

So why watch Il Capitale Umano?

  • It’ll open the eyes of the viewing public about the existing illusion that wealth is pure happiness and a person should be defined by how much money he or she has.
  • It depicts the pain of social inequality and illustrates that both the rich and the poor live in misery.
  • The film has a commendable classy production design leaded by Andrea Bottazini and Mauro Radaelli.
  • Its soundtrack is also credited for giving a suspenseful vibe.

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