Understanding the Many Zero Turn Mower Reviews

It’s hard to scroll through the many zero turn mower reviews online without becoming exhausted with reading and technical terms about what is good and what is not. Today we are going to spend a short time looking at these online options and trying to pick a winner for you.

Let’s start with looking at the different types of ZTR mowers available on the market. Generally the size of the cutting deck distinguishes the difference between your lower range option to your higher priced superstar. This is because the cutting deck dictates how the manufacturer will deck out the rest of the mower with particular parts. For example, a larger cutting deck often requires a larger engine to be able to handle more blades under the deck. On the larger mowers it’s often the case to have 3 cutting blades working on shaving that grass down to the height you desire.

With better engines also come other benefits like speed and agility. The mower will generally travel at 6 mph for the lower to mid end models, but then step up to a max speed of around 8 to 9 mph which is quiet fast. However, something to keep in mind with the larger models is that they will struggle to get through smaller entrances. If you are hoping to take the mower out the back, then you better check the width of the entry for the gate and measure it against the mower you are looking to buy. Also keep in mind that if you attach a grass catcher then that will extend the width of the mower again.

The small to medium cutting decks to provide a great even cut for the grass. But when you step up to a 52 inch cutting deck and above with 3 or more blades, then the cut does tend to loose it’s evenness.

We hope this small guide helps you understand the many zero turn mower reviews on the market and gets you one step closer to making a decision on which one is the best for you. Make sure that you keep the warranty and maintain it regularly according to what the manufacturer states. That will be important for the longevity of the mower.

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