Fuocoammare Review: Tales of Many Sides

Fuocoammare or Fire at Sea, the name is reminiscent of a fire ignited in a gas smoker, it’s unseen, but there is sure a lot of smoke in there air. This Italian film written and directed by the Italian film director Gianfranco Rosi and has won the ‘Golden Bear’ best picture award at the Berlin Film Festival in February. ┬áIt is his sixth movie after the movie Sacro GRA which won Golden Lion at 70th Venice International Film Festival. This movie is released on 18 Feb 2016.

It is beautifully pictured around Italian Island of Lampedusa, and Italy. The director Rosi has again rocked by his own cinematography i.e. he just used a tiny ARRI Amira camera as magnificent tool that helped him for darker situations. Fire at sea crew and cast includes Samuele Pucillo, Samuele Caruana, Maria Costa, Pietro Bartolo and few more.

This story revolves around the migrants from Africa and Middle East and explains the rescuing process of them from sinking boats by Italian Navy. Beyond all these sorrowful happenings, the camera rolls around Samuele, a twelve year old from local fishing family and the director clearly delivers his point i.e. people who are migrating just to safe guard them from terrorist tragedies and poverty through sea should not die just because they are travelling through sea. It is a clear documentary film, but it may have the possibility to become an example for Italian government if it had delivered a solution.

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